The ESB Group donates 32 trees to the city of San Salvo

“People don’t need only welcoming and safe walls, but also a lush nature that surrounds them”

The ESB Group is a network of companies that deals with urban regeneration, improving the energy classification of the national building heritage and its safety, made up of the Newark Engineering design studio of Antonio Pantalone, Agostino Monteferrante, Andrea Di Iorio and Gennaro Luciano and by the tax consultancy firm of Simone Boschetti.

The company headquarters is in San Salvo, and it is to this city that the ESB Group wants to make a gift: 32 trees.

We live in a crucial historical period, in which clear actions are necessary, for this reason the ESB Group would like to contribute to the improvement of the local green heritage, with the donation of plants that are not only ornamental but also have a functional role: that of mitigating the impacting atmospheric agents, reducing greenhouse gases, trapping fine dust, reducing energy consumption by cooling buildings.

People don’t need only welcoming and safe walls, but also a lush nature that surrounds them, which is why we asked the administration to welcome this gift.

32 trees of various species will be donated: field maples, red oaks, acacia ombaculifera, cercis syliquastrum, oaks, red limes, lagestroemia, flowering cherry, trees which with their characteristics will play a fundamental role in the care of people and their habitat . The plants can be planted in the places that the municipal administration deems most appropriate, but we would like schools and public parks to be preferred.