Superbonus 110%, first construction site completed in Italy

8 million euros of intervention, at least 53 people at work per day (with peaks of 80 units) for 295 days. These are some of the figures that give the La Playa 1 condominium in San Salvo Marina a national record: that of the first construction site to be completed that benefited from the earthquake bonus and the 110% eco bonus.

The president of ANCE Abruzzo (National Association of Building Contractors) Antonio D’Intino confirmed it this morning and stressed how the project is a pilot case in Italy and that “new apartments have been created for the condominiums without costs for them and on which there won’t be any need to intervene again for the next 30 years”. Of over 5600 practices started in Italy (the data cited are from Sole 24 Ore), around 80 are in an advanced stage and that of San Salvo Marina is the only one concluded with the combination of seismic improvement (earthquake bonus) and energy efficiency ( 110% bonus).

The intervention involved one of the buildings that characterise the San Salvo marina close to the tourist port. These are two twin condominiums with over 40 apartments each and several commercial premises whose project dates back to August 1967. The works concerned the first complex, the one closest to Via Doria.
The team from San Salvo, made up of Strever spa, the design studio Newark Engineering, the tax consultancy firm Boschetti and Intensa San Paolo as a banking institution for the transfer of credit, were present at the event today.

The actors in this affair retraced the difficult stages, especially from a bureaucratic point of view (the methods of access to bonuses, in particular the 110% bonus, have been at the centre of requests for simplification for some time) and planning starting from the resolution of the intervention in August 2021 at the condominium meeting, “The role of the administrator is fundamental in these practices”, the various speakers repeated several times. The structure showed the signs of time being one of the first to be built on the San Salve seafront, “It was not badly designed, but with the standards of the time which today are obsolete, for example there was no armor – specified Gennaro Luciano of the Newark showing explicit photos of the pre-intervention state – We thus did what we have been doing for some time in L’Aquila, the 40×40 pillars became 80×80 just to give an example. Aesthetics are important, but we were above all interested in returning a safe building.
Like much of the Abruzzo coast, here too many of the large buildings overlooking the sea are around 50 years old and the issue of restructuring, especially from a seismic point of view, is pressing, “Today in Italy we have the tools to not be afraid of earthquakes, perhaps they need to be refined, but the message needs to be ‘let’s use them’,” Luciano added. Furthermore, a photovoltaic system has been installed on the building and the architectural barriers have been removed inside. At the end of the intervention, the energy certification went from class D to A2, while the seismic one from E to C.

The president of Ance, D’Intino then added: “One euro that is invested in redevelopment interventions generates other 4 that circulate. Suffice it to say that this intervention has left 3 million euros in the territory for the local workforce, also for this reason the energy efficiency and seismic safety of the country’s real estate assets can no longer be postponed”.
Also present for the occasion the president of the Chieti-Pescara Chamber of Commerce, Gennaro Strever: “Woe to anyone who will take back the money made available by the European Union.”

At the conclusion of the conference, the motivation for choosing the all-white also as a sign of rebirth: “It is the colour that preceded the Renaissance used immediately after the plague as well as marrying with the marine location”, explained Agostino Monteferrante of the design studio . The same intervention will also concern the twin building and the central body that once housed the Giardino Mare restaurant: it will start next September and end at the beginning of summer 2022.